Michelle Obama is Getting an Elementary California School Named After Her

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The district reached a unanimous decision on Wednesday.

A Northern California school district made headlines on Wednesday, after voting to name a school after Michelle Obama. Richmond (Ca.) Wilson Elementary School will soon become Michelle Obama Elementary School.

The school previously got its name from former President Woodrow Wilson. Parents and students made the proposal back in January. In a statement, school board president Stephanie Hernandez-Jarvis says the change “is a sign of the school’s rebirth.”

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“This name change sets high expectations,” she said, “for the students and staff as they enter a new era for this school.”

“The parents and students advocated [the name change] because they believe the values our former First Lady embodies and the educational, child-centered causes she champions, are representative of what we all aspire to nurture in our school communities. She is a role model for our children and we strive to serve our students with the same kind of love, advocacy, and courage that she served our country.”

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The school currently serves around 430 K-6th grade students. Michelle Obama Elementary will debut its new name in time for the 2020-2021 school year.

The former First Lady will also be honored in a new Showtime miniseries starring Viola Davis. First Ladies will revolve around Michelle Obama, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Betty Ford. Author Aaron Cooley will executive produce and write the series.


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