Michael Jackson was Actively Trying to Play James Bond at One Point

Michael Jackson was Actively Trying to Play James Bond at One Point

Michael Jackson Wanted to Play James Bond

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Jackson…Michael Jackson

Imagine a world in which pop superstar Michael Jackson played James Bond.

Famed celebrity agent Michael Ovitz has released a new memoir called Who Is Michael Ovitz (catchy title). According to Metro, who got its hand on the book, Ovitz tells a hilarious story about Michael Jackson pushing to play one of the most iconic movie characters of all time: James Bond.

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According to Ovitz, Jackson pushed to play Bond during a meeting they had. He was serious. However, Ovitz didn’t take him too serious, especially considering the King of Pop somehow got guacamole on his hat:

Then the blob fell off, and Ron totally lost it…I cracked up, too, and Michael stalked out. I found him and explained for 15 minutes that we hadn’t been laughing at him… Finally, Michael’s face cleared. ‘OK, Ovitz. OK,’ he said. ‘But I want to play James Bond.’ I am proud to report I didn’t laugh, this time.

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Ovitz eventually said he couldn’t play Bond because he was  “thinly built” and “too sensitive.” He also told Jackson that he wouldn’t’ “be credible as a brutal block of stone” (unlike Pierce Brosnan, apparently.)

Jackson could have been the first black James Bond. Oh well.

Source: Metro

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