People Really Want LeVar Burton to Be the Next ‘Jeopardy’ Host

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LeVar Burton shared a fan’s petition to make him Jeopardy host on Twitter.

In the wake of the death of iconic Jeopardy host Alex Trebek, fans and entertainers alike are wondering who would carry the torch for the popular game show. A sportsbook recently even made a list of odds for celebrities who would be named the next show host. On Thursday, 21-year Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton tossed his name in the ring.

“Even if nothing comes from it, I can’t tell how much I appreciate all y’alls love and support!” Burton wrote on Twitter, sharing a petition to make him the next host.


“For my entire life LeVar Burton has been a beacon of wisdom, literacy, and humanity,” wrote one signee. “I can think of no better successor to the late Alex Trebek.”

As of Wednesday, the top three candidates were Ken Jennings–who gained fame after winning the show a record 74 times in a row, ABC political correspondent George Stephanopoulos, and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. LeVar Burton sits around the 11th-most likely candidate, with 20 to 1 odds of being selected.


Back in September, Burton replied to a fan who agreed he should host. “Not gonna lie,” he wrote, “I feel like I’ve been preparing my whole life to occupy the Jeopardy host podium when Alex retires.”


Trebek pre-recorded about 30 shows before his death, so ABC is likely not in a rush to replace him just yet. Today recently named Burton, Jennings, Tom Bergeron of America’s Funniest Home Videos fame, and Anderson Cooper as potential replacements.

Stay tuned for further updates on the next host of Jeopardy.

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