Lena Waithe Joins the Cast of ‘Dear White People’

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Lena Waithe Joins the Cast of 'Dear White People'

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Dear White People is adding a new character

Season two of the Netflix show Dear White People is scheduled to premiere in 2018. Fans of the first season should expect a pleasant surprise when the show returns.

Emmy award winning writer and actress Lena Waithe will be joining the cast of the hit show. According to Entertainment Weekly, Waithe will play P Ninny, a cocky rapper who stars in a reality series called Trap-House Tricks (we’re pretty sure they’re mocking Love and Hip-Hop here.)

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Waithe spoke to EW about hew new role:

“I’ve never played anyone like this character…What’s so funny about her is that she’s not aware of how she’s coming off to the world. But, she’s a lot of fun. I just got be like really silly and crazy, and say crazy stuff, because that’s what happens in that world.”

Justin Simien, the show’s creator, also spoke a little what to expect from P Ninny:

“It’s [us] having fun and making our own commentary on the state of black people in television and in culture and how that affects people, particularly our protagonists,”

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Entertainment Weekly was able to obtain an exclusive image of what P Ninny will look like:

Lena Waithe Joins the Cast of 'Dear White People'

Dear White People season two can’t get here fast enough.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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