2019 rolling loud la 12
2019 rolling loud la 12
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Juicy J Accuses Arby's of Using Uncleared Three 6 Mafia Samples

This isn't the first time this year Juicy J has accused someone of uncleared samples.

With another week comes another lawsuit involving Three Six Mafia. On Tuesday morning, Juicy J greeted his Twitter followers with an interesting discovery involving a national fast-food chain.

"Good morning!" he wrote, "I just found out Arby's used a three 6 sample in their commercial without clearing it." Juicy didn't specify which commercial or sample was lifted, and later deleted the tweet.


Uproxx's Aaron Williams pointed to a 2017 post from Boxden that simply reads, "Whoever does Arby's commercial is a Three 6 Mafia fan." The user linked a 2017 commercial for the fast food chain's Triple Thick Brown Sugar Bacon burger, and Three 6 member Koopsta Knicca's 1999 track "Now I'm Hi Part 2."

A quick Twitter search shows viewers who noticed Juicy J's trademarked "yeah hoe" adlib in an Arby's commercial as early as April 10.