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Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

After Helping Him Get Elected, Jeezy Finally Meets Barack Obama

While attending a Democratic rally in College Park, Georgia last Friday, Jeezy met former President Barack Obama for the first time.

It's safe to say that Barack Obama is still Jeezy's president. Over a decade after releasing songs "My President is Black" and "Put On" – both of which endorsed Obama – Jeezy officially met the 44th United States president last Friday (October 28).

The two rubbed shoulders while attending a Democratic rally in College Park, Georgia, where Obama was a guest speaker at Gateway Center in downtown Atlanta. High-profile celebrities and Democrats were present at the event, including Jeezy. The rapper later shared a clip of himself and Obama shaking hands and posing for a photo-op.

The rapper eventually closed out the event with a performance of "My President is Black" and "Put On," the latter of which appeared on Jeezy's 2008 LP The Recession, the same year that Obama took office. Jeezy was previously invited to a dinner hosted by Obama in 2019, but was denied entry by Secret Service.

“I was supposed to go to a dinner in New York, but when I got there, the Secret Service wouldn’t let me in — allegedly because of my track record and they was saying I was still under investigation,” he told HipHopDX in 2019.

While admitting he "felt a way" about the slight in the HipHopDX interview, Jeezy celebrated Obama's presidency with "My President is Black."

"When I knew the song was real was the night he won, I hopped in my Lamborghini, I was riding around Atlanta with the doors up playing 'My President Is Black,'" he recalled. “But I wasn’t the only one doing that; the whole city was doing that! I was like, ‘Oh, this is crazy!'”

Jeezy's support was reciprocated by Obama in 2012, when he shouted out the rapper at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner  during his second term.

“In my first term, I sang Al Green; in my second term, I’m going with Young Jeezy,” Obama joked. “Michelle said, ‘Yeahhh.’ I sing that to her sometimes.”