Revolt x att host revolt 3 day summit in los angeles day 3 2
Revolt x att host revolt 3 day summit in los angeles day 3 2
Photo Credit: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for REVOLT

Ice Cube is Still Confused About Backlash From Meeting With Donald Trump

Ice Cube is doubling down on his plan on Twitter.

In the last few weeks, Ice Cube has faced critique on social media after he revealed he met with Donald Trump to discuss the president's "Platinum Plan" for Black America. On Thursday morning, he doubled down on his actions, confused as to why he's under fire.

"Let me get this straight," he wrote, "I get the president of the United States to agree to put over half a trillion dollars of capital in the Black Community (without an endorsement) and Niggas are mad at me? Have a nice life."

Organizers like Deray McKesson and journalists like Adam Serwer and Ebro Darden replied to Cube's tweet.

As expected, the responses to the tweet didn't see it for Cube's stance. "We love you," one user wrote, "but we have absolutely no reason to trust him to live up to his end of the bargain. His meeting with you was a move to sew distrust and disorder within the Black Community. Also, the timing was terrible."

"All money isn't good money," said another user. "We can do it another way. We don't need the white man to bail us out. We just gotta come together as the Black community and figure it out on our own."

In recent weeks, Saturday Night Live poked fun at Cube, depicting him (played by Kenan Thompson) with a signature Trump Make America Great Again cap on. "Trump's got a new Platinum Plan," said Chris Redd--who played Lil Wayne in the skit. "That's right," Thompson replied. "If you got a platinum record, you can plan on him doing a photo op with you!"

"F--- you SNL," Cube replied on Twitter, "trying to reduce me to greed."