HBO Max Hits ‘The Boondocks’ Reboot with Another Delay

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The anxiously-awaited revival of The Boondocks still hasn’t received a proper release date.

It appears HBO Max has slapped The Boondocks reboot with yet another postponement. In fact, according to an insider column from TVLine, the streamer is holding off on announcing even an estimated time of arrival, deferring to “later in 2021” as the only point of reference.

Back in 2019, when the show’s revival was initially announced, fans were told they could expect a Fall 2020 premiere of the first of two new seasons of a “reimagined” version of Aaron McGruder’s critically-acclaimed animated series. Soon after, the show’s Instagram account began teasing updated designs of characters. However, just a few months later, comedian John Witherspoon (who voiced Grandad,) passed, presumably complicating the production of the new seasons. Not long from then, the show revealed it was moving forward with production by patching the gap in the cast with a combination of Witherspoon’s actual recordings and a deep-fake-ish technology that mimicks Witherspoon’s voice, which drew some criticism after the late comedian’s son and fellow voice actor, JD, revealed the show’s producers passed on the opportunity to cast him in his father’s role.

While we can’t necessarily pinpoint a premiere date for the new season of The Boondocks or the 50-minute accompanying special, all four of the show’s previous seasons are currently steaming over on HBO Max. And you could have as long as the entirety of the year to run those back.

Hold tight for updates on the new seasons in the weeks and months ahead.



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