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UPDATE: "I Support LJ. He's Doing an Amazing Job for His Community" - Michael Jordan

Donald Trump Targeted LeBron James and Don Lemon in a Dumb Late-Night Tweet

UPDATE: After being name-dropped in Trump's shameful troll attempt last night, Michael Jordan has weighed in on the discussion through a spokesperson, according to NBC News:

Every villain needs a hero

Earlier this week, LeBron James announced the opening of The I Promise School in Akron, OH. The public school offers attendees an accelerated curriculum, free breakfast and lunch, and a bike to each student, along with GED classes and job placement programs for parents. Basically, an academic model that is nothing short of a revolution.

But no act of real, measurable change in marginalized communities can go without the down-vote of the man that's consistently targeted them throughout his years as a fledgling politrick. Late last night, the president let his thumbs fly on the only podium that can bear the weight of his bigotry (Twitter,) throwing low-velocity jabs at a pair of eloquent, well-intentioned men discussing a groundbreaking educational initiative:

Big takeaways here: either Trump has built so many barriers out of distrust for the media that it took this long for him to see, process, and respond to, an interview that took place nearly a week ago, or, it required the full brunt of his intellect to come up with “well, these guys are dumb.” Both feel all too likely.

In any case, it's yet another shit-stain on the quickly-eroding lining of this administration's king-sized adult diaper. But James hasn't yet allowed an instance of the president's hate-mongering to go without retort. The clap-back is imminent. Prepare for landing.