Million dollar bowl 3
Million dollar bowl 3
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Diddy Gets Torched For "Hypocritical" Letter to Corporate America

Diddy accused General Motors in particular of making money from the Black community.

On Thursday morning, Diddy published a plea to American corporations via Revolt, accusing General Motors and of profiting off of Black people. In the letter, Diddy accuses GM of refusing to invest in Black-owned media, despite Black consumers allegedly making up 15% of the company's revenue. In response to the complaints, Diddy said General Motors noted that they support his REVOLT network. He didn't budge, saying the relationship is "not an example of success."

"The same way you understand the power of our dollars, we understand our power to take them away from any corporation that doesn’t give us the economic inclusion we deserve," he wrote.

The letter wasn't received well online. Singer Jessie Woo noted an example of Revolt's business practices.

"It starts with us," she wrote. "I was recently approached to host a show for Revolt and it came without pay. We cannot keep knocking white folks for their disrespect towards minority creators while doing the same thing to each other. I encourage you to be the change we need."

Rapper/activist Noname also pointed towards Diddy's resources as well.

"Diddy...about $150 million away from being a billionaire Diddy is shaming white corporations," she wrote on Twitter. "For a capitalist business model he almost completely replicated...abolish the Black capitalist industrial complex."

This isn't the first time the Black community has rebuffed the Bad Boy founder's critique of white institutions. Last year, Diddy admonished the Recording Academy for a lack of respect for the hip-hop genre. The move also led to backlash on social media.