Chris Rock, Dave Chappalle
Chris Rock, Dave Chappalle
Photo Credit: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Imagine LA

Chris Rock & Dave Chappelle Both Talked About Getting Attacked on Stage

Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle are both talking about their very public harrowing experiences.

As you probably already know, Dave Chappelleand Chris Rock both have had harrowing experiences on stage recently. This has not stopped the two legendary comics from putting the high profile experiences into their stage material. 

The two are joining forces for a European stand-up tour. Their first stop was at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, England. During the show Chris Rock, again, talked about Will Smith slapping him at the Oscars over a Jada Pinkett Smith joke about her being bald (due to alopecia.) While, again, saying that he shouldn't be considered a victim, Rock talked about the infamous moment, saying:

“Did that shit hurt? Goddamn right… the motherfucker hit me over a bullshit joke — the nicest joke I ever told."

Later on, Chappelle hit the stage and he talked about the Oscars slap as well as his own on stage scary moment. On his own moment, Chappelle said, “That was some scary shit" before giving his props to Rock for his "Was that Will Smith?” joke that came right after. 

Chappelle had some interesting, if biting, commentary on Smith, saying that it was a "very strange choice" he made, while adding that Smith  “did an impression of a perfect man for 30 years."

Chappelle also added that he hopes “he doesn’t put that mask back on."

Rock has not stopped talking about the Smith incident since it happened. Over the weekend he spoke on it again — saying that Smith is “ bigger than me... the state of Nevada would not sanction a fight between me and Will Smith.” He also added that the Academy Oscars asked him to host next year. He turned the gig down, saying it would be like Nicole Brown Simpson going "back to the restaurant where she left her eyeglasses before being killed.” (A joke the family did not appreciate.)