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Channel Tres and Tyler, the Creator Link Up For "fuego"

The new Channel Tres album i can't go outside is out now.

On Thursday, Los Angeles-based artist Channel Tres released his latest EP, i can't go outside. The project features a pulsing track with Tyler, the Creator called "fuego." Stream the new track below.

In preparation for the project's release, Channel Tres joined Apple Music's Zane Lowe to speak about the project and working with Tyler.

"fuego was the first song I wrote when I started the project," he said. "It was just really about me questioning my art, like yo, it ain't that bad. Why are you scared of this shit. You ain't that ray, you just a beat they going to flip my feet off your knees, so that's just me questioning myself as an artist and why am I doing it? And stuff like that. And then, Tyler comes in and just kind of shuts up all my doubt and just ah. He definitely blessed me with that verse for sure."

The two Angelenos met in 2015, and connected shortly after. The two maintained a "cordial" relationship before Tres even began making music. Tres' latest EP was made on lockdown, a process he spoke about with Lowe.

"I'm not ready for the LP," he admitted, "but also those six songs for me, explain where I was. And some of the other songs maybe can be used for something else or I'm a producer, too, so I'm always giving songs away...I let the songs guide me. Those six songs fit the narrative of what Iw as going through for these past months."

i can't go outside is available on major digital streaming platforms.