Marlowe Album Cover
Marlowe Album Cover
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Mixtape Monday: Marlowe, Vince Ash, SANGO, Chris Crack, Jaga Jazzist + More

Marlowe, Vince Ash, SANGO, Chris Crack, Jaga Jazzist and more wreck shop this Mixtape Monday.

L’Orange and Solemn Brigham are up first as Marlowe with Marlowe 2, Vince Ash makes the cut with Vito, SANGO is back with Sangozinho, Chris Crack drops Good Cops Don’t Exist, Jaga Jazzist put on for Oslo with Pyramid and Duval Timothy represents South London with Help.

Alice Ivy absolutely crushes Don’t Sleep, Blue Alley Records drops Hello Mary Vol. 1, SINAI. blesses the movement with RAGE​!​¡, seeyousoon follows with VIDÉ, AKAI SOLO catches that Eleventh Wind, Al-Doe and Spanish Ran give us the Doña Blanca Trilogy and DJ Filthy Rich pays tribute to Raekwon.

Vince Ash - Vito

Vince Ash Cover Photo Credit: Artist

Vince Ash follows 2018’s Do Or Die with a stellar showing on Vito featuring Rene Bozeman, Skiinny, Nuskii, and Tramaine.

Marlowe - Marlowe 2

Marlowe Album Cover Photo Credit: Artist

Two years after the release of Marlowe, L’Orange and Solemn Brigham return with Marlowe 2 featuring A-F-R-O.

SANGO - Sangzinho

SANGO Cover Photo Credit: Artist

SANGO serves up his latest love letter to Brazil with the arrival of Sangozinho featuring asante, Rose Juam, and VHOOR.

Chris Crack - Good Cops Don’t Exist

Mixtape monday marlowe vince ash sango chris crack jaga jazzist more 4 Source: Artist

Chicago’s Chris Crack follows White People Love Algorithmand Cute Boys (The Rise of Lil Delicious) with the airtight twelve-tracker Good Cops Don’t Exist.

Jaga Jazzist - Pyramid

Jaga Jazzist Source: Artist

Oslo octet Jaga Jazzist celebrate their Brainfeeder debut by blasting into the cosmos with the self-produced concept album Pyramids.

Duval Timothy - Help

Duval Timothy Photo Credit: Artist

South London's Duval Timothy drops the synesthetic and deeply introspective Help featuring Lil Silva, Melanie Faye, Vegyn, Desta Haile, Mr Mitch, Dave Okumo, and Twin Shadow.

Alice Ivy - Don’t Sleep

Alice Ivy Photo Credit: Artist

Backed by Melbourne's finest, Alice Ivy follows standout single “Ticket To Heaven” with Don’t Sleep featuring Cadence Weapon, Bertie Blackman, Ecca Vandal, Thelma Plum, Ngaiire, and more.

Various Artists - Hello Mary Vol. 1

Hello Mary Vol. 1 Photo Credit: Artist

Blue Alley Records gathers some of the best for the Hello Mary Vol. 1 compilation featuring Wiles Martyr, Johnny UniteUs, Devin Burgess, Gian Kash, and more.


SINAI. Photo Credit: Artist

Sleep Sinatra returns to the lineup under the alias SINAI. with a collection of instrumentals inspired by the movement. Tap into RAGE​!​¡

seeyousoon - VIDÉ

seeyousoon Photo Credit: Artist

Florida sound collective seeyousoon follows the standout single “STEAMY” with their R&B-tinged debut album VIDÉ.

AKAI SOLO - Eleventh Wind

AKAI SOLO Photo Credit: Artist

Back with his third project this year, Brooklyn’s own AKAI SOLO drops Eleventh Wind produced by Wavy Bagels, edan, Roper Williams, argov, $hayButtah, and more

Al-Doe x Spanish Ran - Doña Blanca Trilogy

Al-Doe x Spanish Ran Photo Credit: Artist

Representing the Boogie Down Bronx, Al-Doe and Spanish Ran drop the Doña Blanca Trilogy featuring Tree Mason, Rigz, and Estee Nack.

DJ Filthy Rich - OB4CL 25th Anniversary Tribute Mix

DJ Filthy Rich Photo Crdit: Artist

DJ Filthy Rich lifts a glass to the god Raekwon with the Only Builty 4 Cuban Linx Tribute Mix, celebrating 25 years since the release of the Purple Tape.


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