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Launched in 1999, Okayplayer is the original progressive music site and maintains its position as the premier digital destination for music and culture connoisseurs worldwide.

Okayplayer delivers a full spectrum of groundbreaking coverage that serves as a gateway to multi-faceted cultures and communities. Well established as the gold standard in music media, Okayplayer utilizes its influential voice to define and create the cutting edge content that chronicles sound, culture, film, arts, politics, and more.

Okayplayer was first created and launched by Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson and Angela “Stress” Nissel in 1998 out of their respective bedrooms in West Philadelphia. The website’s official anniversary is February 23, 1999, the same day The Roots released their fourth studio album Things Fall Apart.



Geo Hagan
Editor in Chief, OkayMedia

Dimas Sanfiorenzo
Editorial Director, OkayMedia

Elijah Watson
Senior News and Culture Editor

Michael Gonik
Staff Writer

Robyn Mowatt
Staff Writer


Joseph  Turuseta
Social Media Manager 


Hassan Spruill
Audience Development Manager 


Shaleah Wilson
Director of Finance & Accounting


Armelle Crump
VP of Operations

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Our Mission

Okayplayer is the innovative, artistic and progressive voice of black culture through the amplification of music, art, film and politics.


OkayAfrica quite simply represents Africa’s New Wave; with more than half the population in many African nations under 25, the bright continent is currently undergoing an explosion of vibrant new music, fashion, art, and political expression. OkayAfrica is the multi-faceted hub capturing the spirit of this unprecedented boom in youth culture, focusing on emerging and progressive artists, blending traditional aesthetics with a futurist lifestyle.
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