Dave Chappelle on Why "Trump Is Bad For Comedy" and How Canada Helped Him Get Sharp Early

Creeping closer and closer towards the premiere of two new comedy specials, Dave Chappelle has become more visible than ever over the last few weeks. He joined Thundercat and Robert Glasper onstage to salute the Brainfeeder bassist, hit up a hometown council meeting to plea for progressive law enforcement, and now he’s delivered another interview that is not short on the revelations.

Siting with the CBC, Chappelle underscored the importance of comedians staying sharp in the era of Trump and how the president-not-elect is just “bad for comedy.” He also detailed how early inspiration arrived by way of the Montreal Comedy Festival, where as a young comedian, Chappelle learned just how seriously the craft could be taken. On his upcoming specials, Chappelle revealed that they aren’t “new” so much as “new-to-you,” as they were both recorded well before and were simply bought by the streaming giant for release.

Watch Dave Chappelle delve into his rarely-discussed Canadian inspiration and challenge all comedians to step their game up in the Trump era. Jump back to watch the teaser clip for his two (of three) Netflix specials, both arriving on March 21st.




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