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This Movie Is Rated Wu: RZA Speaks On Iron Fists, Ghostface, New Wu-Tang LP & More

The RZA's  new movie Is rated Wu

The Man With The Iron Fists hits theaters today and if you thought the RZA had been everywhere to promote this thing he is now   n to the 36th power dimensions of everywhere. Luckily he has a whole army of kung fu killers to help him be everywhere, so while RZA was at the offices of GQ Magazine talking about everything from his Kill Bill world tour jacket to Ol’ Dirty Bastard‘s way with the ladies (excerpts after the jump), Ghostface Killah was at MTV dropping fishscale science on a new Wu-Tang Clan LP him and his brother-in-law (RZA) have in the works (watch below). And by that time RZA had dropped a smoke grenade and appeared on camera with Dopehouse to talk more about the art of ‘sampling’ kung fu flicks on Iron Fists (below below).

The RZA on turning to Quentin Tarantino in order to execute his vision for The Man With The Iron Fists:

“I knew the vision [for Iron Fists] was in my head. I knew I could do it. But I knew I had to learn how to do it. I went to a proper teacher, and he [Tarantino] accepted me as a student.”

On following Kill Bill’s production team and walking away with a souvenir:

“Only a few people got the world-tour jacket, and I’m one of them.”

On his time with the Wu-Tang Clan:

“I just had to get out the cage, kid. Had to get out the cage. And I enjoyed that shit, man. I had a lot of fun. For two years straight, I had super fun. I had all kind of pussies, spent millions of dollars for hundreds of bitches, you know what I mean? I really ran wild and had five girlfriends, probably. Anything. I’d fuck anything. I was on it, kid.”

On the Wu-Tang Clan’s rule of not permitting girls in the studio:

“Dirty always tried to break the rule. Argued with me over it. No women. I mean, in the beginning, on the first album, maybe somebody would bring a bitch and everybody’d fuck her on the roof, like a gang bang. But no, not in the studio. Not in the studio.”

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