OKP News: ?uestlove + Russell Simmons Compete To Raise $ For Obama - Okayplayer

OKP News: ?uestlove + Russell Simmons Compete To Raise $ For Obama

Questlove & Russell Simmons compete for fund-raising supremacy to support Obama

The original rap mogul Russell “Uncle Rush” Simmons and our own benevolent afro-lord ?uestlove are competing in an all-out battle for fund-raising supremacy in support of the campaign to re-elect one Barack H. Obama to the position of POTUS, applying the time-honored hip-hop tradition of “Ok, this is the Plug 1 side–now this is the Plug 2 side…let me hear my side screeeaam” to the rarefied realm of Presidential politics. That’s all you need to know really, hit the link below to get the “Simmons vs. Questlove” page onĀ contribute.barackobama.com and then click the appropriate button to indicate if you are a boss money player for Team Rush or Team Questo. If you’re on this site, you damn well better be playing for Team Questo; currently spanking Team Rush at a rate of almost 2 to 1. But hell, the money is all going to the same place so we’ll take all the boss money players we can get. To that we would just like to add: all the ugly people please don’t donate.

>>>Give to Support Team ?uesto vs. Russell Simmons For Obama

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