Jay-Z live at Obama Rally

As mentioned, Jay-Z is performing live at an Obama rally in Columbus, Ohio not now but right now. Stream it live below:


  • Sun Shyne

    For four years, the right has attempted to make a socialist, Manchurian candidate caricature out of the president. But when you look at his list of accomplishments, the list is actually impressive…particularly in the context of historic opposition from the GOP, two wars, and a severe recession. All of it done in 4 years.

    For that reason, I have ALREADY voted for him.

  • janee

    luv luv luv jay but why was the word BITCH still in the backing track? he substitutedthat word by saying MITT in his mic but you could still hear BITCH in the background. I dont think that was ok at all. i hope it doesnt hurt obama’s campaign :/

  • Maura

    I’m so bummed Ohio got one so much cooler than we did! I’m SO excited to hear Alicia Keys’ new album “Girl on Fire”! Take a listen to her super catchy single here: http://bit.ly/XZKzFX and preview the album on iTunes: http://bit.ly/QItldp