Black Friday blacklist: Jay Z en noir boxers, $2590 at Barney's

Repent! And hide your faces, all ye sinners, for Black Friday is upon us. For real, though–while we were turning over every single pixelated rock on the internet to see if there was any cool holiday gift ideas underneath for our Black Friday Holiday Wishlist, we also found a pandora’s boxfull a’ nasty looking grubs, weevils and scorpions, metaphorically speaking. Which serves us right, really. That’s what you should expect to find if you go turning over rocks–especially on the internet, the social institution which brought the world revenge porn and black twitter. But maybe we just didn’t expect to find so many weevils so close to our own backdoor, enough that we felt compelled to compile a special Holiday edition of our Not Okay, Player column, a shoppers guide of (bad) gift ideas for stuff you should never, ever spend your hard-earned (or even ill-begotten) money on. Without further ado we present our official Black Friday blacklist of the most must-not-have items available this Christmas shopping season. Black Friday…meet Black Twitter.



  • Kiya Digital

    Awesome Sauce!

  • JeffKL

    Why the shot at black twitter?

    • no shots! our arms too short to slapbox with black twitter. what we actually said was, we’re not trying to act shocked that we find wildness like this on the internet considering what it has already given the world. thats all.

  • Last Post

    Some of the most outright racist shit I’ve ever read officially posted on a blog and not in comments. I think I’m officially done with OKP. It was a good decade, but you all got rid of music reviews and replaced it with the shitiest music journalism online.

    If Confederate Flag = Slavery, than what does Nigga/er =?

    What was Q-Tip saying when he made “Sucka Nigga?”

    What did Kanye say about appropriating the flag from it’s older meaning?

    Both BS right? Hmmmmmm?

    Is there an E-in-C on this site?

    “(making it an official redneck trucker hat?)” Really, ya’ll printed that?

    I’m black, from Chicago, a history teacher, and proud as #uck of everything that I am. The greatest of what I am is a human being and I’ve read you all insulting that essence in the name of “_____” for the last time.

    Grow up OKP. I did. Grow with the people who support this currently shit of a website.

    As I look to the side, this is one of the current highlighted comments, just about where reviews used to be — “im i the only one who has a problem with these crackers lip synching the words nigga!!…”

    Yes, home to the Roots, singing jingles for that cracker Fallon, just like the coons they played in Bamboozled. Oh shit, did I take it there? “Yeah, that’s cool Jimmy, just keep the check coming.” Oh shit, damn it! Yeah, Black Power to the People!

    Give peace and love a chance.

    • A few things:

      1. If this is ‘some of the outright most racist shit you’ve ever read’, you have not read the rest of the internet.
      2. We are working on bringing LP reviews back in a new and improved form but we felt the the way we had been doing them was both unsustainable and out of step with the way people buy/engage/discuss music these days. Stay tuned, though.
      3. In your rush to shit on the quality of our journalism, you misspelled ‘shittiest’.
      4. The Confederate flag actually, factually does = slavery. It is the symbol of a confederacy of states formed specifically to preserve the institution of race-based slavery. The people who made and fought under that flag believed it to represent that institution just as much as those who fought against it. Not sure how making that equation even could be racist? I have heard the argument–made only in this era, when it untenable or at least extremist to to the point of lunacy to speak in support of slavery–that the confederacy’s secession and the civil war that followed were over ‘state’s rights’. That, IMO, is disingenuous–there was only 1 state’s right at issue in the secession of slave states that precipitated the civil war–the right to make laws allowing one human being to own another human being as a slave.
      5. You may have noticed we don’t use the words n**ga/er on this site. When we are transcribing quotes/lyrics or publishing an author who uses it/them to express themselves, we always print it in redacted form, as above. We don’t give a #uck about words like shit, damn, motherfucker, to be clear–we reserve that format strictly for words that could be used/construed as hate speech.
      5. When Q-Tip (technically, ATCQ) made “Sucka N**ga”, he/they were acknowledging the ubiquity of that word in street lingo, as well as exploring its negative power and their ambivalence toward it. If ATCQ had put it on their tour jacket and sold it as commodified cool, that would, IMO, have erased the ambivalence. The confederate flag is not currently ubiquitous in street style in any form, and attempting to make it so by putting it on a tour jacket being promoted and sold as commodified cool seems like an EXTREMELY questionable project to say the least, in spite of Kanye’s rhetoric about ‘reclaiming’ its meaning. I think it basically boils down to pushing people’s buttons to get a reaction and sell some jackets.
      6. There is an Editor-in-Chief on this site–that’s me, Eddie STATS. Nice to e-meet you.
      7. Speaking as a white male I think my use of the term ‘redneck’ is far less problematic than either that damn flag jacket or the use of n**ga/er by anybody. And I think Jeff Foxworthy would probably agree with me that if you have a snapback trucker hat with a confederate flag on it…you might be a redneck.
      8. Again. I’m not sure how The Roots working with a white dude invites all those slurs or equates to racism of any kind. If Fallon was known for racist (or even racial humor), or if The Roots had played with a big old confederate flag behind them, you might have an argument though. But he’s not, they never have, and you don’t.
      9. “Give peace and love a chance.” <--that's the first smart thing you said in your entire last post. 10. Peace.