Legendary Drummer James Gadson Has Prized Drums & Mics Stolen From His Home

James Gadson is the man that put the R in R&B. His chops have been recorded and sampled more than virtually any other drummer in the funk continuum, having laid down the line on tracks for everyone from Paul McCartney and Bill Withers to– most recently– Beck and D’Angelo. So when we hear that our boy had his tools–one of which was a Miles Davis piece gifted to him by the great’s nephew– taken out from under his feet, our hearts hurt. Shit, it just ain’t right.

According to the  HuffPost article penned by Susan Sisko Carter, the drum-hero had a set of ultra-rare Neumann drum mics and several high profile 1 of 1 snares stolen from his Watts home in LA. Gadson compared the loss to “someone who had a Stradivarius stolen”  So here is the call to anyone who knows someone that just copped a suspect kit. LA stand up! It is here by your duty to keep your head on a swivel and find out who walked away with the legend’s tools. We’ll keep you good folks updated on the status of Gadson’s drums, but until then protect ya neck (and your drums.)



  • Xtro718

    It’s a shame how petty people are yet we’re supposed to be the most advanced and intelligent species on the planet. I’ve been doubting it for years now.