Watch the trailer for "The Source Family" documentary

Pass The Popcorn: "The Source Family" '70s Free Love Commune Documentary [Trailer]

The Source Family Father Yod ladies

Well Okayplayer fam, this is a weird one – but in an awesome, no-one-does-it-like-Cali-in-the-70s sort of way. In 1973, Jim Baker, a wealthy health food restauranteur founded a short-lived free love commune known as The Source Family in a mansion in Hollywood Hills. The man – then reincarnated as Father Yod – led the commune (from a Rolls Royce, no less) as a model for the rest of humanity to live as organically and communally (and with as many ladies) as possible, and someone finally had the good sense to make a documentary on Yod and his crew. Of course, no story like this is complete without mention of the Fam’s psychedelic rock band Ya Ho Wha 13, but the band and the commune fell apart after Father Yod’s untimely death in a hang-gliding accident – yeah, we couldn’t make this ish up if we wanted to. Without sounding tired, the story of Father Yod and The Source Family is the quintessential one of sex, drugs, and rock n roll at the height of the 1970s era of experimentation, replete with a little murder and intrigue thrown in for good measure. The doc has picked up quite a few nods on the festival circuit and yeah, we’re voyeuristically fascinated to see the full saga of this strange-yet-defining moment in pop culture history unfold. Check out the trailer below (*passes popcorn).

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