D’Angelo Tour 2012 Day-Sheet, Stockholm, Sweden.

D’Angelo’s first tour in a minute and a HALF kicks off today in Stockholm, Sweden and the (in)famous Tina Farris, AKA GoodTimeGirl here on Okayplayer, is back on the road with R&B Jesus again – 10 years later.  GoodTimeGirl is Roots family to the core; she tour managed the Legendary for years, and has since worked with everyone from Lil Wayne to Nicki Minaj to Will.i.am and Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas.  She also plays a mean bass.  To keep up with her adventures, visit her highly entertaining blog. In the first installment of her D’Angelo 2012 Tour Diary for OKP, she gives us a roll call of the musicians and support team whose very names are convincing us all over again that this comeback is the real deal. And most importantly, she confirms that, Yes…

He Got on the Plane.

Praise Jesus.  The knot in my stomach is slowly unraveling.  I know once he gets on stage…once he finally makes it on the stage…he’s gonna remember why he loved it all in the first place.  Since day 1 at rehearsals, I’ve been hoping, praying for a spot on this tour.  Oh, sure. I’ve done the Peas, Nicki, Wayne….all for much more money, ‘tis true…but nothing has moved my soul quite like this 12-year sabbatical and any possible return? I wanted a part of the action.

Of course, as a minion, it’s not easy to keep my mouth shut–I mean since I know everything and all–but I try. And hopefully I’ll still have a friend in Alan Leeds after this. Greatest tour manager I know and Mentor.  He’s one of the originals here.

Pino Palladino–the other love of my life from a past life–is doing his thing, moisturizing loins everywhere with every slap of that bass.  Lou – choreographer; Mark Jenkins – the original “Untitled” body-sculptor; and Roxanne George–my girl–the hair stylist, loving her like no other.

Some of my cohorts for years past; Martin Thomas as Production manager and lighting director; Artless Poole – my brother and front of house sound engineer.
Kenny Nash – Philly’s own monitor engineer. Sean Woods – Who we know from Jill. And David Rule who has the best name next to Curtis Battles.

D’Angelo’s NYC Rehearsal Room.

Then there’s the newbies; Chris Dave – Rick Rubin’s favorite drummer (sacrilegious I know); Ray Angry – our boy from The Roots who’s subbing for Cleo Pookie Sample (gotta love a n**ga named Pookie). Jesse Johnson; who’s a beast but had another commitment so we have Jeff Lee Johnson–killing it.
Sharkey on guitar, who I’m waiting to bust out.  He’s quiet and plays his position but I heard him do some Spanish guitar during rehearsal today and I know he can rock it.

Then we have our background vocals–note that I was around when it was Anthony Hamilton and Shelby Johnson on background, so I expect a ton from these young’uns.  Now I know they can sang–I know this–but I’m a snobby high-falootin bitch, so we gon’ see…I’m waiting to be impressed.  Yeah I said it.



  • Lea

    Cant wait. Literally cant wait. This is probably the most happiest moment of my life. Im speechless and can only count minutes till the show starts…

  • soulmindz

    Cooooooool!!! MUSIC is back!!! Can’t wait 4 sunday/Paris!!!
    (But 31°degres in Stockholm!!!??? i think it’s a little more freezing in sweden during winter!!!!!??? hope D’ cherish his voice!!! ahahahaha!!! 😉

  • I really hope he returns stronger and tears the states up.

  • 341


  • Vikan

    4199 days since the last consert in Stockholm, I have not seen anything even half as good as D live. Now, off to Filadelfiakyrkan! är så lycklig att jag fäller glädjetårar just nu!

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  • Jonathan

    this is what i mean when I say 2012 is that year! the death of bull shit! I know The Creator has grace all over this I am mad excited like I’m on tour lol!!! One day imm do back up on my jam “The Root”…D’angelo we are sending you all the Happy Feelings and energy in the world!!!!

  • D-BOSS

    Somebody is still stuck in 2011 by looks of the tour sheet (Jan- 25-26, 2011). I hope that’s all it is and that this is not a mirage.

  • Downindixie

    Wow…………I guess it’s really going to happen……….

    I think I’ll get some wine, invite a female over and listen to “Voodoo” on vinyl on the old magnavox console tonight………today is a great day……….

  • funkymothaf*cka

    we´ll get on the train to copenhagen in a few hours and : thinking of 2morrow nite makes my heartis beat faster
    hamburg soulposse will be on board!

  • INCREDIBLE!!!! Can’t wait to see this or hear the record. Heads have been inspired and making music inspired by Voodoo for the last 12 years. I have missed many shows…glad I got to see that tour. And GTG…Sharkey is a BEAST!!! A young Chicago phenom who Spanky took under his wing before he passed. All the Chicago musicians are feeling like proud papas that he is on this tour!!! Safe travels!!!

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  • ef

    what about Italy.

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  • Downindixie

    Some of the video is on youtube already! He’s back in shape, but dude looks kinda busted. He needs a stylist asap. He’s got a long way to go. I thinks he’s got the fight in him. But right now he looks like the struggling musician you see at the club. Welcome back though………

    We need you D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vaughn Victor

      How you gonna shyt on him and say “We need you D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” smfh.

    • Lilie

      Geez!! F****d up comments like those are what make real artists such as D vanish. We need you D but we need you a certain way…Really?? Can’t you enjoy the MUSIC and lay off his looks (which btw I have no critics about). His passion is making music not responding to society standards or yours for that matter. I wonder how judgemental people would feel if their employer told them: “sorry you’re awesome at what you do but you don’t look good enough to work here”!! How bout D’Angelo screened people based on their looks for his concerts, I guarantee you the joint would be close to empty!! This type of shyt crawls under my skin. No wonder why the world is so f****d up today.

    • Downindixie

      Wow, I just read this self-righteous shyt 9 months later….We’re all judged on our looks, wheather it’s the people we date, the people we hang around, to our job interviews. D’angelo should be no different simply because we love his music. Name one Yoda who didn’t care how they look……..EXACTLY. Your image is a reflection of who you are or who you aspire to be. His hair wasn’t even comed that night, Son….

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  • ruben
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  • Robin

    Please please please tell me he is playing the US. I need to make arrangements now. I want to be front row for the first (US) show…

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  • Downindixie

    I can’t believe D is back! Why am I acting like an 8 year old waiting in line for an autograph from Tony Dorsett?!?! I’m 37 years old dammit!!!! Oh well. Blame it on Voodoo I guess…..

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  • Kayper

    Saw it last night in Brixton. Good to see D back at it again. Hope you are enjoying the ride Tina.

  • Downindixie

    @Vaughn Victor
    I didn’t shyt on him. I’m just saying: great sound, not a good look, that’s all. With that being said, we DO need him. don’t you agree?