Blu - 'Good To Be Home' LP [Stream]

Blu was Her Favorite Color. Now he’s her favorite rapper. The West Coast mic-slayer leaks a copy of his full length double LP Good To Be Home ahead of its May 20th due date. The album features guest spots from a formidable crew of Golden and Beast Coast representatives, including Alchemist, MED, Oh No, Prodigy, Fashawn, Pac Div and more. The album will be released both digitally and in a limited edition vinyl pressing, packaged with a big ole’ bag of goodies, including a poster of the album’s cover from artist Joseph Martinez, which can be preordered via Nature Sounds. After giving us a taste of what’s to come with the drop of his old-soul strutting boom-bapper “The Return” just last week, it’s time to roll out the carpet and welcome back Blu with Good To Be Home. You can stream the record in its entirety below and if your ears remained pleased, preorder Blu’s first double LP via iTunes today.


  • Joe Narvaez

    Falling off.

    • d

      i didn’t think it was bad. beats coulda been a lot better tho

    • d

      after a second listen im feeling this

  • heavenUP

    I like the album as a cohesive piece that conveys a sound and vibe that is unique and fitting. However that vibe just doesnt speak to me. Blu is still the man tho. Ill MC bringin freshness to hip hop.

  • Isaiah Deleon

    I love the lyrics as always with Blu but so far into this i dont really like most of the production and overall quality on tracks like Home and The Return. Sounds like the instrumentals are muffled in the background and Blu’s voice is just overpowering the track instead of them both flowing together. However Boyz N The Hood and Whip Creme slowly brought me back into it.

  • justajust

    This was a very good album. Lyrics were great, beats were great, and anyone who has a problem with the “sound” most likely never listened to a Quasimoto LP, or more experimental hip-hop releases that don’t aren’t trying to “crossover”.

    • Isaiah Deleon

      The only problem i really have with the “sound” is the fact that Blu’s verses sound overpowered while his features sound i guess “normal” messes with the flow a little

  • The only lofi album I really liked by Blu was J E S U S. This is just okay. A middle of the pack Blu album that I won’t be revisiting that much. I need another NoYork!

  • SoapBox Killer

    Lo-fi is the best fi. New rap is super overproduced.