The Blackhouse

In case you have not been paying attention to the news The Blackhouse is the electro/house project of Georgia Anne Muldrow and DJ Romes. With it’s addictive “Black-black-bl-blackhouse” hook, their newest track “Somali” sounds like “Set It Off” remixed by Farley Jackmaster Funk circa 1988–except for the robotically repeated mantra: “Somali Pirates Are The Bomb” which is very post-2008. In my book you can’t really go wrong with a track that has Detroit techno sonics and an afro-versal philosophy (or cognitive dissonance?) that has room for both Black Presidents and Somali pirates within it’s conceptual embrace. Stream below and cop the full album via Mello Music Group.


  • rtoriq

    i love Georgia, but not this. But no doubt i would get down to it if it’s being played in the club, versus shitty ass trap music. But by itself….nah.

    Dang can’t wait to see how my Somali sistren and brethren will react to this…

  • pirate

    Im sure theyll love it if they seen it….paying homage never hurts.

  • Jericho Drumm

    Oooooooh SHIT!!!

    Stats; what you know about Farley?