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Audio: Frank Ocean "P.D.A." (Unreleased Backstreet Boys Reference Track))

Frank Ocean circa 2009

Another unreleased gem from Lonnie Breaux-mance AKA Frank Ocean(actually a reference track for the Backstreet Boys, turns out). This one starts off with a distinctly not-R&B stomp that could be a new wave hit from the Police or Soft Cell. Ocean pretty quickly brings it into more soulful territory though, with a hook and some phrasing that actually recalls Akon on his Gwen Stefani collabo “The Sweet Escape.” Although a catchy jam in its own right, “P.D.A.” does seem to lack the distinctively Frank O persona that he developed with his Nostalgia ULTRA material. In other words it’s exactly what an unreleased throwback should be: mad playable but also shows you how far the artist has come since…kind of like an audio baby picture.

[audio:http://www.okayplayer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Frank_Ocean-PDA.mp3|titles=Frank Ocean – “P.D.A.” (unreleased)]


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