'4:44' Has a Release Date...Is It a New Jay Z album?

'4:44' Has a Release Date...Is It a New Jay Z album?

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 Last week, 4:44 posters and billboards popped up all over New York City.

The posters were put up by TIDAL; so people, naturally, started assuming a new Jay Z album was dropping soon.

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And then, during game three of the NBA Finals, a trailer to what looked like a TIDAL exclusive movie starring Mahershala Ali and Lupita Nyong’o aired.

So now we thought 4:44 was just a movie. However, there’s news!

The folks at HipHopDX noticed that a bunch of 4:44 posters started popping up in the Los Angeles area. The posters feature a date, June 30th, 2017, and “JAY:Z: name in large print. (Hov changing his name again?)

Here is the poster:

So what does this mean? Jay Z single? Jay Z album? Jay Z movie? A Jay Z album inside of a Jay Z movie?

We’ll find out on June 30th.


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