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Tracy Morgan's Latest Interview on the Today Show Got Pretty Weird

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"We're role-playing a lot now."

The Last OG actor Tracy Morgan recently joined the Today Show on NBC. Morgan and show host Hoda Kotb discussed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their lives. Tracy's response caught Kotb and viewers off guard.

"Me and my wife have been quarantining for like three weeks," Tracy replied. "So she's pregnant three times. Every week she got pregnant."

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Kotb, clearly taken off guard, attempted to get the conversation back on track. However, Tracy kept his foot on the gas pedal.

"We're role-playing," he continued. "She's playing a young maiden whose grandfather was infected with coronavirus, and I'm the scientist who discovered the cure. And she'll do anything to save her grandfather's life--and I mean anything."

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"OK, well you are a creative one," Kotb responded. She went on to ask about Morgan's $14 million New Jersey mansion. Morgan, however, was undeterred.

"That's not important," he said. "This tiger in the Bronx zoo got me scared. So I'm gonna get all pets tested. [I'm] getting my sharks tested, I'm getting my mora eels tested. I just bought a 600-pound silverback gorilla. I'm gonna take him down to New York-Presbyterian and get him tested."

Morgan went on to thank all the medical staff members for their work on the front lines.

Season 3 of The Last OG premieres tonight, April 7 on TBS at 10:30 EST.