Teyana Taylor We Got Love Music Video
Teyana Taylor We Got Love Music Video
Photo Credit: YouTube

Teyana Taylor Unveils "We Got Love" Music Video

Teyana Taylor We Got Love Music Video Photo Credit: YouTube

The video features an inspiring message by Lauryn Hill.

Teyana Taylor drops the official music video to her song “We Got Love” following up on the release of her Red Bull House of Petunia documentary. The original track which was produced by Kanye West was rolled out before the new year kicked off.

The inspiring clip features Taylor who is joined by her adorable daughter and her husband Iman Shumpert. Throughout the visual, the singer is also spotted alongside children dancers in addition to an adult crew of dancers, both groups are extremely gifted. Thematically, the video showcases the brilliance and beauty of Black love and our families, it also celebrates Black nationalism.

Towards the end of the video, the Lauryn Hill feature arrives. A clip of Hill includes the singer shared an inspiring message. “A lot of people define success differently for me, you can have everything, you can have all the money in the world,” she said. “But if it’s not enjoyable, if it’s not sustainable, [and] you can’t be a person of integrity while having all these things, what does it matter?”

Taylor’s most recent project, the previously mentioned Red Bull documentary spanned a few months and provided an intimate look at a sold-out New York show. The film also took viewers on a journey with Taylor as she prepared for the concert. Fans were given a backstage perspective of her and her team handpicking the dancers for the show. Additional parts of the documentary included Teyana’s struggle with an injury and also cope with mourning the death of a family member.

Watch the video for "We Got Love" below.