Teyana Taylor Documentary
Teyana Taylor Documentary
Photo Credit: YouTube

Teyana Taylor Unveils 'Teyana Taylor's House of Petunia' Documentary

Teyana Taylor Documentary Photo Credit: YouTube

UPDATE: Teyana Taylor drops Assembly Required:House of Petunia documentary.

The full-length documentary features an inside look at Taylor's life leading up to her sold-out performance at Red Bull Music Festival New York.  Highlights in the film include how Taylor and her team selected the lead dancers for the performance, her creative process and also training sessions. Besides providing an unfiltered glimpse at how Teyana juggles motherhood and stardom, viewers will also see how she interacts with her team and her mother who is also her manager, Nikki Taylor.

The performance ended up featuring appearances by Method Man and Fabolous. Take a look at the full documentary below.

Taylor shares a look into her fast-paced life in her newest creative project, a documentary.

Teyana Taylor returns to drop the trailer for her upcoming documentary Assembly Required: Teyana Taylor’s House of Petunia.

Created in partnership with Red Bull, the film offers a peek into what it was like leading up to the company’s recent music festival in New York. For those who have been obsessed with the Harlem native since she appeared on her episode of My Super Sweet Sixteen, it also grants a glimpse into her life as a mother, wife, and entertainer.

During one moment in the clip, she shared, “It’s all of my visions being brought to life.” For the majority of the video, Taylor is shown either performing at the festival or alongside her team. At one point, she appears in an extravagant look down underground in the New York City subway taking photographs.

Taylor’s last full-length album dropped in 2018, K.T.S.E. short for Keep That Same Energy. The well-received project was released under G.O.O.D. Music and came directly after Kanye West rolled out Ye. Memorable songs on this release include “Issues/Hold On,” “Rose In Harlem” and the introduction track “No Manners.” Most recently, Teyana unveiled her latest single “We Got Love” featuring artwork of her holding her daughter Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr.

The documentary is set to release on Red Bull TV on February 30. Take a look at the trailer for Assembly Required: Teyana Taylor’s House of Petuniahere.