Watch A Teaser Trailer For Eric Andre's Upcoming New Special

Watch A Teaser Trailer For Eric Andre's Upcoming New Special

On Monday, Eric Andre took to Instagram to announce a forthcoming special titled Eric Andre Does Paris. Now, a short teaser trailer has been released in anticipation of the special.

@adultswim sunday night. Feb 18th.

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If you’ve ever watched The Eric Andre Show before, the you’ll notice how the teaser is basically the introduction to his show but with a new spin on it.

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“Man, America is nuts right now. I’m going to Paris,” Andre says before being launched into a plane heading to Paris. There’s really no one to describe what happens after that, which is all the more reason to watch the trailer.

The special, according to a report from Splitsider, will follow Andre as he “hits the streets of Paris, France to ponder existential questions with French people. This award-winning documentary f**king sucks.”

Last year, Andre spoke out against the rap community’s support of artists such as Kodak Black and XXXTentacion.

“I was like, why can I complain about racism freely, but criticize a rapper’s sexism and everyone gets butt hurt,” Andre said on a since-deleted tweet. “…racism, sexism, homophobia – it’s all bigotry. it is all part of the same systemic evil that keeps people subservient and disenfranchised.”

“The bigger picture is, now that an incompetent psychopath who condones Nazism is running America, it’s no longer acceptable to stay quiet,” Andre added. “We must call out bigotry and injustice when we see it…If we continue turning a blind eye towards sexism, violence against women, racism, Nazism, child abuse, homophobia, etc — we’re doomed.”

Eric Andre Does Paris will air at 12:15am on February 18 on Adult Swim.

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