Eric Andre Criticizes Rap Community's Support Of Sexism By Kodak Black, XXXTentacion

Eric Andre Criticizes Rap Community's Support Of 'Sexism' By Kodak Black, XXXTentacion

Eric Andre Criticizes Rap Community's Support Of 'Sexism' By Kodak Black, XXXTentacion

Source: Philip Cosores

In a string of tweets posted this weekend, Eric Andre criticized rappers such as Kodak Black and XXXTentacion, as well as supporters of their music for the two’s violence against women.

The comedian spoke about his discontent with World Star Hip Hop promoting the two artists and his disappointment in himself for initially promoting XXX’s music on his Instagram account then deleting the post after a friend informed him of the rapper’s assault of a former girlfriend.

“I was like, why can I complain about racism freely, but criticize a rapper’s sexism and everyone gets butt hurt,” Andre wrote. “…racism, sexism, homophobia – it’s all bigotry. it is all part of the same systemic evil that keeps people subservient and disenfranchised.”

He also included a tweet with a statistic related to the violence women endure: “1 out of 3 women are beat, raped, or murdered in their lifetime. that’s 1 billion women. Shits got to stop. No more apathy or indifference.”

Andre further elaborated on his criticisms Monday morning, stating that there is no excuse to tolerate any bigotry especially with Donald Trump as POTUS.

“The bigger picture is, now that an incompetent psychopath who condones Nazism is running America, it’s no longer acceptable to stay quiet,” Andre wrote. “We must call out bigotry and injustice when we see it…If we continue turning a blind eye towards sexism, violence against women, racism, Nazism, child abuse, homophobia, etc — we’re doomed.”

Black and XXX have each faced charges for assaulting women. The former was sent to Florence, South Carolina, after being released from jail in Florida, after a female victim accused him of raping her following his performance at Florence’s Treasure City in February 2016. XXX faced charges of aggravated battery of a pregnant victim (his then girlfriend Geneva Ayala).

Disclaimer: If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted the National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline is available at 1-800-656-4673. The hotline offers a number of free services including confidential support from a trained staff member, someone to help you talk through what happenedand more.

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