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Watch Talib Kweli and Boots Riley Join Forces for the "People's Party" Video

The People's Party podcast drops every Monday morning.

Talib Kweli called on a special guest for his latest track. On Thursday, Kweli and the Coup frontman (and Sorry to Bother You director) Boots Riley released the video for "People's Party."

The two MCs have inspired a generation of rappers with their political lyrics. With the upcoming Democratic National Convention and general election, it's no surprise the two linked up. Since the early 1990s, Riley has formed organizations in the Bay Area. In 1996, his group the Young Comrades successfully campaigned against Oakland's "no-cruising ordinance." Riley and other organizers said the legislation unfairly targets youth and minorities.

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In 2000, artists inspired by Riley's art and organizing workshop launched a series of guerilla hip-hop concerts to protest California's Proposition 21. Riley and other members viewed the proposition as an attack on the city of Oakland's youth and car culture.

This past February, Riley endorsed Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders for president. “I am endorsing is the movement that has grown around him," he tweeted. "Millions of people who are willing to consciously and openly engage in class struggle to make these reforms happen. These struggles will radicalize millions of people and has the ability to organize the working class in the US to a point we haven’t seen before. We keep going from there.”

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Stream the "People's Party" video above. Stay tuned for the latest episode of Talib Kweli's People's Party.