Scott Storch Reveals He Collapsed Once In Dr. Dre's Studio From Drug Use 

Scott Storch Reveals He Collapsed Once In Dr. Dre's Studio From Drug Use 

“I was on the floor damn near having a seizure and s**t,” the famed producer said of the incident.

Coinciding with the recent release of his short documentary Still Storch, Scott Storch has been conducting a string of interviews discussing his past drug abuse and how he’s cleaned up since then, as well as making his return as a music producer.

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His latest interview, done with The Breakfast Club, finds the former The Roots member addressing those same topics, which also includes a revealing anecdote about how he collapsed in Dr. Dre‘s studio from his drug use.

“One time I collapsed in his studio. I was high and I was so dehydrated and I hid behind the baffles of the microphone booth and they didn’t even know what was going on,” Storch said. “I was on the floor having damn near having a seizure and s**t.”

Since getting clean the two have reconnected, with Storch also revealing that the two have been working on music together.

In another recent interview, Storch revealed why he left The Roots to become a producer.

“It was one too many times that I heard this term ‘Oh, that’s the white boy from The Roots,'” Storch said during an interview with Hot 97’s Ebro Darden. “I didn’t have an identity and I was just looked at as some guy who played keys and I was actually the guy writing a lot of the music involved…then I just grew into my passion for writing and producing and I found myself wanting to stay in the studio and not be on the road.”

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