Scott Storch On Why He Left The Roots To Produce: "I Didn't Have An Identity"
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Source: YouTube / Hot97

Scott Storch On Why He Left The Roots To Produce: "I Didn't Have An Identity"

Scott Storch took to Hot 97 recently to discuss his recently-released short documentary Still Storch, his past drug use and his lengthy career as a producer.

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Included in the discussion is Storch's time with The Roots, where he talked about one of the more memorable moments of touring with the hip-hop group.

"My first experience that was like 'Oh my God, we actually here,' we were playing The Chris Rock Show and we got on was pretty dope," Storch said to Hot 97 host Ebro. The pair then got into what led Storch to depart from The Roots and embark on a career as a producer.

"It was one too many times that I heard this term 'Oh, that's the white boy from The Roots,'" Storch said. "I didn't have an identity and I was just looked at as some guy who played keys and I was actually the guy writing a lot of the music involved...then I just grew into my passion for writing and producing and I found myself wanting to stay in the studio and not be on the road."

From there, Storch talks about meeting Dr. Dre as well as producing for numerous artists in 2004 which resulted in him making an average of a million dollars a month. Around this time, the producer started messing with drugs.

"When you high...I used to have trucks come with six, seven cars and just thinking it was all good because I was dope sick from the night before and I wanted to justify my behavior," Storch said. "I was a mess for awhile. I wasn't even interested in doing nothing but getting some nasty girl and a big bag of drugs and just hide out in a hotel room for a week."

He then talks about Still Storch and how he hopes it'll encourage younger artists to not use or abuse drugs.

"It's a mess out there," Storch said of current young rappers and their drug use. "A lot of these new cats think it's some kind of novelty — like 'Yo I'mma get high with Scott Storch.' When I was getting high hip-hop motherf**kers were like 'That's some white people s**t."

Still Storch can be watched below.