Watch Jordan Peele Put A Post-POTUS Spin On His Obama Impersonation

Watch Jordan Peele Put A Post-POTUS Spin On His Obama Impersonation

Watch Jordan Peele Put A Post-POTUS Spin On His Obama Impersonation

Jordan Peele brought his Barack Obama impersonation back to life recently, but took a post-presidency spin on it.

During an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Peele (who is currently promoting his forthcoming new film Get Out) took the time to do a post-White House Barack impression, portraying the 44th POTUS as a weary, whiskey-drinking man who is watching America’s demise.

“This is some messed up stuff here,” begins Peele in his impersonation of Barack. “You done did it now America.” Peele then references the birther controversy Barack endured from Donald Trump, as he imitates Barack asking Michelle where he was born. “Where am I from, because I’m confused at a certain point. Where am I from? Hawaii? Well mele kalikimaka.”

Peele’s impersonation of Barack was a staple part of Key & Peele, his comedy sketch series alongside Keegan-Michael Key. While the former portrayed the former POTUS, the latter portrayed Luther, Barack’s anger translator. The two reprised their respective roles together when Key made an appearance on The Daily Show.

Currently, Peele is getting ready for the release of his horror film Get Out. Several months back came the release of a trailer for the movie, in which we see leading stars Daniel Kaluuya (Chris) and Allison Williams (Rose) portray an interracial couple, where the former is meeting the latter’s parents.

However, there is something sinister underneath the community that Rose’s parents live in, which is where the horror element of the film comes into play.

Following Get Out‘s surprise premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Peele elaborated on the premise of the movie, and how Barack’s presidency played a part in its creation.

“When the movie was beginning to ruminate we had a black president, and we were living in this post racial lie,” Peele said. “This whole idea that we’re past it, we’re past it all…this movie was meant to reveal this monster of racism lurking underneath these seemingly innocent situations and conversations.”

Check out video of Peele’s Barack impersonation below.

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