Jayla Darden Demonstration Video
Jayla Darden Demonstration Video
Photo Credit: YouTube

Jayla Darden Is a '90s Heartthrob In New "Demonstration" Music Video

"Demonstration" is Darden's latest drop since she revealed her 2019 EP Onto Something.

Jayla Darden, a singer-producer hailing from Detroit has unleashed her music video for her latest single “Demonstration.”

The single is her latest release following her EP Onto Something. “Demonstration” digs into yearning for actions from a partner that appears to be slipping. In the visual, Darden is depicted as a ‘90s heartthrob inspired by the personal style of Mary J. Blige's early years and Aaliyah's iconic looks. To top off the ‘90s look, her style in the video features baggy jeans, bone straight hair, oversized tees, and Jordans. Throughout the clip, Jayla appears energetic as she sings along to the catchy track. 

Released in 2019, Onto Something was Darden’s re-introduction to the R&B canon. Her previous projects featured short tracks that explored relationships, situationships, and heartbreak. But Onto Something featured lengthier tracks that thoroughly provided a deeper peek into her artistry. On it her voice is more profound, the beats are biting and she commands attention on tracks like “Be Your Girl, “Sweating Me” and the title track.

Recently in an interview with Coveteur, Jayla who admires singers like Aaliyah and Brandy expressed where she typically gets her inspiration from. “I pull inspiration from everywhere—I might be listening to a song or just find myself being inspired by life. Then I’ll open my laptop and create a beat. I usually start with beats and melodies, because I feel like that’s what catches people’s ears first.” On the production side, she adds she’s inspired by Missy Elliott and Timbaland

Watch the video for "Demonstration" below.