This Dwyane Wade Video From Budweiser Will Probably Make You Emotional

This Dwyane Wade Video From Budweiser Will Probably Make You Emotional

This Dwyane Wade ad made me cry, and I’m angry at Budweiser for it
Source: Budweiser

Wade is bigger than a basketball player.

Tuesday, April 9th, is sure to be the final home game for NBA legend Dwyane Wade. The Miami Heat have not been officially bumped out of playoff contention, but the chances the team will make it as an eight seed are low. (According to ESPN, Heat have a 1.3 % chance of making the playoffs.)

So tonight’s Heat game against the Philadelphia 76ers is being treated as the last time Wade will suit up in front of the AmericanAirlines Arena home crowd.

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On Tuesday morning, Budweiser released an ad celebrating the legendary basketball player. All season long, Wade has been celebrating his career by exchanging jerseys with players from each team. Budweiser informed Wade they had five more jerseys for him to collect.

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They invited him to AmericanAirlines Arena and surprised him with jerseys. The jerseys he received weren’t basketball ones, however, Five people surprised Wade with mementos for his work outside of the court: this included the sister of a victim lost in the Parkland shooting; a woman Wade took shopping after her house burned down; a woman who couldn’t afford college before Wade’s organization stepped in and helped her pay for it; and Jolinda Wade, Wade’s mom, who did a stint in prison, before Dwyane helped her get on the right path.

The commerical ends with Jolinda saying:

I am more proud of the man you have become than the basketball player. You are bigger than basketball.

Watch the touching ad below.

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