James Harden Crossed out Wesley Johnson
James Harden Crossed out Wesley Johnson

The Funniest Reactions to James Harden's Epic Ankle Breaking Crossover

James Harden pulled off the crossover of the year

On Wednesday night, the Houston Rockets defeated the LA Clippers 105-92 at the Staples Center. It was the second time this year the two teams played. Their first meeting was full of tension; after the gameJames Harden and some of his teammates tried to muscle their way into the Clippers locker room. It made for one of the wildest NBA nights in recent memory.

Well last night was even wilder. And it was because James Harden had a moment.

Late in the first quarter, Harden pulled off one of the nastiest crossovers you'll ever see on poor Clippers guard Wesley Johnson.

Have you seen it? If you havent, here it is:

Absolutely disgusting. Harden completely broke Johnson's ankles, stared at him, and then hit the shot. It's not even fair.

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As soon as the moment happened, the Twitter reactions came in. And they were fierce. Here was some of the best reactions from last night:

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The crossover wasnt just buzzing on social media. On Thursday, various NBA players were talking about the crossover. When LeBron James was asked about the move, he said it was "one of those moves you dream of:"

When Philadelphia Sixers star Joel Embiid was asked, he called it "disrespectful:"

James Harden also talked about the move, laughing about the whole ordeal:

Poor Wesley Johnson.