Twitter Reacted Accordingly To Chris Paul Sneaking Into Clippers’ Locker Room

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NBA Twitter is amazing.

On Monday night, the L.A. Clippers held down their homecourt by defeating the Houston Rockets 113-102. It was a chippy, ho-hum game between the two teams. 

Who knew it would turn into one of the wildest NBA nights in recent history.

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The problems started during the game when Houston Rocket forward Trevor Ariza started jawing with Clippers players Patrick Beverley and Austin Rivers (who didn’t play because he was sidelined with injuries.) Then Clippers power forward Blake Griffin and Ariza got into it, leading to both players getting ejected.

And that’s when the craziness started to happen.

According to ESPN star reporter Adrian Wojnarowski, Rockets players James Harden, Gerald Green, and Ariza tried to force their way into the Clippers locker room looking for Rivers and Griffin. Security was able to walk the players out before things got out of hand.

Soon after, the Rockets sent Center Clint Capela to the front while Rockets star point Guard Chris Paul and other Rockets players snuck into the Clippers locker room through a secret passageway. (Remember Paul played for the Clippers for six years before being traded to Rockets prior to the 2017-18 season.)

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As news of the altercation started to leak, the reactions started coming strong. It was glorious. It started with the reactions of Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, and the other hosts of the NBA on TNT:

And then NBA Twitter started reacting with gifs, memes, and pictures. Here are the funniest reactions:

Things reached peak NBA Twitter when NBA players and officials started tweeting their own reactions:

Top five NBA Twitter night ever.

Source: ESPN

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