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Chicago Bulls Superfan Gets “Crying Jordan” Meme Tattooed On His Leg

Chicago Bulls Superfan Gets “Crying Jordan” Meme Tattooed On His Leg

Chicago Bulls Superfan Gets "Crying Jordan" Meme Tattooed On His Leg
Source: YouTube

The tattoo took over 10 hours to do.

The picture of famous athlete Michael Jordan crying is arguably one of the most important memes to ever be created, and now someone has actually gotten that image tattooed on their body.

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In a report from TMZ, the unidentified man — who’s a massive Chicago Bulls fan — got the image tattooed on his leg by artist Steve Butcher. Butcher said that the tattoo took about 10 hours to complete and that the man wants to get his whole leg covered with tattoos honoring the Bulls.

A few months ago came news that ESPN is going to release a 10-part 30 for 30 on Jordan. Titled The Last Dance, the documentary will cover the life and career of the legendary basketball player. The 10-part series will feature more than 500 hours of never-before-seen footage from the Bulls’ 1997-98 championship-winning season. The doc will also have full participation from Jordan himself.

The Last Dance will be released in 2019.

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In related news, former Bulls player Scottie Pippen has weighed in on the LeBron James and Jordan debate for who’s the better player.

“LeBron plays in a different role than what Michael was as a player. In all fairness to Michael, he was never asked to do things that LeBron can do for his team,” Pippen said. “He had a lesser role. And statistically, that’s why you’re seeing LeBron’s numbers are far better than Jordan’s numbers in terms of what he’d do throughout the whole game. We didn’t utilize Michael to do things that the Cavs utilize LeBron for. So the comparison is unfair.”

Source: TMZ


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