Wax Tailor

French producer, Wax Tailor, could be considered just as much of a curator as he is a producer. What I mean is that as awesome as he is as a music-maker, the music is only as good as the way the project is organized, and bolstered by elements like the storytelling sound bytes on his latest project, Dusty Rainbow from the Dark.

Dusty Rainbow from the Dark tell’s the story of a young boy who listens to records one night, and ultimately stumbles upon the magic of music in the form of what normally would be considered a psychedelic trance reminiscent of the 1970s (i.e. visions of rainbows). Sounds ridiculous but it’s actually pretty cool as Wax Tailor weaves the story, narrated eloquently by an unknown voice, in between the songs — or perhaps it’s the other way around. Perhaps the songs are instead sewn through the story. Either way, it works.

As for the actual songs, they range from the slow, sultry, “Dusty Rainbow,” featuring vocals by Charlotte Savary, to the hip-hop-tinged, sampled and looped instrumental “No,” to the catchy pop tune, “Time to Go,” featuring Aloe Blacc, and finally the breakbeat rap song “The Sound.” They’re all fairly different, but all good, lending themselves to the overall story, loosely, without actually spelling it out, thereby saving Dusty Rainbow from the Dark from turning into a hackneyed theme album (which I’m glad it wasn’t.)

So how do you listen to Dusty Rainbow from the Dark? Well, I think the best way is the simplest way — from top to bottom. It appears that Wax Tailor was very intentional when it came to the creation of the songs, but even more directed when it came to the tracklisting, making sure every song segues and weaves a short tale about the magic of music, while simultaneously exhibiting that said magic through the diversity of sonic choices. And in order to experience it wholly, you have to listen to it as he intended. Like an art show, this is his collection, his study. Step in to the Wax Tailor museum.

-Jason Reynolds