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Mixtape Monday: Boldy James, Beatnick Dee, East Hampton Polo Boys, MosEL + More

Mixtape Monday: Boldy James, Beatnick Dee, East Hampton Polo Boys, MosEL + More

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Lock in for new Boldy James, Beatnick Dee, East Hampton Polo Boys, MosEL and more this Mixtape Monday.

Boldy James is up top with The Versace Tape, Beatnick Dee shares Order & Chaos, East Hampton Polo Boys keep it fresh with the Summer Catalogue and MosEL gives us Something To Think About. The Musalini drops The Return of the Oro, GeneralBackPain follows with Wet Work and They Hate Change makes noise on 666 Central Ave.

Ankhlejohn is back with Mahamudra, Kutmah pays tribute to Brother Ras G, Wrex Mason is Ascendent and TVPES is back with Traveler. C.S. Armstrong joins ShunGu for The Blue Tape, newcomer Basil Panagop drops LaLaland, Yellow Shoots bears all on naked and Keffa closes with Victimless Crimes.

Boldy James – The Versace Tape
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Boldy James keeps a foot on everyone’s neck, following The Price of Tea In China and Manger on McNichols with The Versace Tape produced by Jay Versace and overseen by Westside Gunn.

Beatnick Dee – Order & Chaos
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Back after a bit of Patience, Beatnick Dee follows the standout singles “Neon Diner” and “Awful & Dreadful” with the enveloping new album Order & Chaos.

East Hampton Polo Boys – Summer Catalogue
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PANELS and Scorcese channel ’80s decadence as the East Hampton Polo Boys on their scorching concept project Summer Catalogue.

MosEL – Something To Think About
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A spitter’s spitter, MosEL represents for the Motor City with the seven-year retrospective Something To Think About featuring 87, Black Chakra, Fresh Daily, BLVCK SPVDE, and Shahan.

The Musalini – The Return of the Oro
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Keeping it cinematic, The Musalini serves up a heaping helping of soulful street rap on The Return of the Oro featuring Putwork, G4JAG, Izzy Hott, Rasheed Chappell, Emilio Craig, and more.

GeneralBackPain – Wet Work
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GeneralBackPain teams with producer Onaje Jordan to drop Wet Work –– a journey into “Adult Contemporary Gangsta Music” featuring Lupus Dei and Killy Shoot.

They Hate Change – 666 Central Ave
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Tampa duo They Hate Change drops a gem for the uptempo and experimental music set with their Godmode debut titled 666 Central Ave.

Ankhlejohn – Mahamudra
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Ankhlejohn lends his sneering flow to eight spacious tracks on the follow-up to The Face of Jason titled Mahamudra.

Kutmah – A Tribute to Brother Ras G…
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Kutmah pays respect to THE Leimert Park legend with a whopping twenty-three tracks on A Tribute to Brother Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program.

Wrex Mason – Ascendant
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Wrex Mason follows Taurus Moon with the cosmic groove clinic Ascendant featuring Jus Lovehall and Tekowa Lakica.

TVPES – Traveler
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Back on deck with the latest in a steady stream of releases, Atlanta producer TVPES drops a short collection of beats titled Traveler.

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C.S. Armstrong x ShunGu – The Blue Tape
Photo Credit: Artist

C.S. Armstrong and ShunGu make beautiful music on their brooding and soulful collaborative album The Blue Tape.

Basil Panagop – LaLaLand
Photo Credit: Artist

Newcomer Basil Panagop follows lead single “Moulin Rouge” with the lush and spellbinding solo debut titled LaLaLand.

Kuna Maze – Backward
Photo Credit: Artist

Taking a solo flight after two stellar Nikitch & Kuna Maze releases, Kuna Maze drops the brilliant post-dubstep and jazz-influenced Backward EP.

Yellow Shoots – naked
Photo Credit: Artist

Following lead single “Pick Me Up,” Yellow Shoots returns to lend his smoldering blues and raw electricity to the naked EP.

Keffa – Victimless Crimes
Photo Credit: Artist

Taking a deep dive into heartbreak, Toronto’s own Keffa mines failed relationships and melancholy on Victimless Crimes.


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