Yasiin Gaye Drops "Travellin' Man Pt. 2" + 'The Return' (Side Two) [Teaser]

Yasiin Gaye Resurfaces With "Travellin' Man Pt. 2" (Distant Lovers Mix) + 'The Return' (Side Two) [Official Teaser]

Yasiin Gaye Returns With New Single "Travellin' Man Pt. 2" (Distant Lovers Mix) Alongside A Teaser For The Upcoming Follow-Up Project.

Amerigo Gazaway preps fans for the second installment of the Yasiin Gaye series with the new single “Travellin’ Man Pt. 2” (Distant Lovers Mix) and the Yasiin Gaye: The Return (Side Two) video teaser. The news of the forthcoming follow-up project is music to the ears of fans of the wildly popular debut mashup project. The project, reportedly dropping within days, features the artwork of cartoonist Drew Dernavich. Gazaway’s remarks on the importance of the creative direction arrive with the new single:

Thanks to Drew, we were able to play out our bizarro-land conceptual collab concept on the front cover and also bring a satirical visual to our on-going copyright “situation” on the back.

Check the footage below to watch the official teaser. Download the “Travellin’ Man Pt. 2” (Distant Lovers Mix) via Bandcamp. Stay tuned for more.

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