The Weeknd releases new singles "I Feel It Coming" and "Party Monster"
The Weeknd releases new singles "I Feel It Coming" and "Party Monster"
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Watch The Weeknd Perform 'Starboy' And 'False Alarm' On SNL

The Weeknd Annunces Phase One Of "Starboy: Legend Of The Fall" World Tour

The Weeknd stopped by SNL this weekend to perform"Starboy" and "False Alarm," two singles from his upcoming album Starboy, on the show's season premiere.

Sporting his new haircut and an all-black outfit, The Weeknd was the only one on stage, with his band playing the background.For "Starboy" he had a relatively sparse setup, with Weeknd singing in front of an illuminated slanted cross. For"False Alarm," he turns up with neon lights tinting the stage. Along with performing songs from his record, The Weeknd also returned for a brief "Weeknd Update," his spin on SNL's Weekend Update segment.

The SNL performanceaireddays afterThe Weeknd announced that he couldn't perform at The Meadows festival in Queens, New York City. "Dueto new curfew changes and scheduling I can no longer perform at meadows," he tweeted. "New York I'll make it up to you."

As Complex reports, Saturday's performance is The Weeknd'sfourth time appearing on SNL. He performed "Love Me Harder" with Ariana Grande in 2014, and performed Beauty Behind the Madness singles "Can't Feel My Face" and "The Hills" the following year. This past March, hecame by as a guest forFuture's SNL appearance to sing his parts on"Low Life."

Watch Saturday's performances and segment below.