"Starboy" Kills The Weeknd In A New Video

The Weeknd's "Starboy" Lands In A Murderous New Video

by zo
September 28, 2016 11:55 AM

The Weeknd's "Star Boy" Lands w/ Murderous Intent In A New Video

Death, cocaine and women have long been the pillars of a good The Weeknd video. And there have been plenty, no doubt. But none of them have been as hyped as the anticipated visual accompaniment to his recent Daft Punk collaboration “Star Boy,” the title track to his forthcoming album (hopefully bearing a few more assists from the pioneering Parisian duo.)

The anticipation has been so high, in fact, that MTV nominated the video for a VMA days before anyone had even seen it. Cue the landing of “Star Boy” this morning to show us exactly why. It opens with the singer sitting opposite his presumed alter-ego (“StarBoy”?) before being viciously offed. His assailant quickly goes to work on destroying what’s left of The Weeknd’s home with a hot pink lightsaber cross (Rylo Ken allusion?) then takes off in a lavish vehicle with a kitten that somehow transformed into a full-sized panther; eye candy galore.

You can watch The Weeknd’s murder mystery unfold by hitting the link below. His new album¬†Starboy¬†arrived November 25th. Pre-order your copy on iTunes today.

>>>Watch The Weeknd’s new video for “Star Boy”

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