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Watch ‘South Park’ Tweak The National Anthem In Colin Kaepernick’s Honor

Watch ‘South Park’ Tweak The National Anthem In Colin Kaepernick’s Honor

Watch 'South Park' Remake The National Anthem In Colin Kaepernick's Honor

It’s election season, the world seems as perilous as ever, and the fall TV season is about to get underway. All of which make for the perfect conditions for a new run of South Park, which we’ll be getting before the evening’s end.

But just to prep you for the imminent shock of whatever creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been cooking up since late 2015, the show’s released a brief but timely preview of tonight’s shenanigans, focusing their twisted lens on Colin Kaepernick‘s recent sitting protest of The National Anthem during a preseason game.

In the true irreverent spirit of Parker and Stone, the clip reveals a new take on The National Anthem, performed by nearly the entire crowd at a football game. You can watch it down below, just be sure to tune in tonight for the season 20 premiere of South Park, sure to be the subject of countless headlines tomorrow morning. Maybe they’ll keep it tame. Actually, no. They definitely won’t.


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