Vic Mensa Describes His Superhero Alterego
Vic Mensa Describes His Superhero Alterego

Vic Mensa Describes His Superhero Alterego, Light Bright

Vic Mensa Describes His Superhero Alterego

Vic Mensa has enjoyed much of the year as one of Def Jam's newest and brightest stars on the roster, perhaps best embodied on his turn-up-for-days anthem "U Mad," assisted in no small part by fellow Chicagoan Kanye West. And while many may see him as a sort-of side-kick to the Yeezy show, a new installment of Complex's Super series proves he's more than capable of handling the reigns his damn self. Here Mensa describes himself in his superhero form, Light Bright, defending the world from the supreme hater and tempter, Dark Man. In his superpowered state, Mensa shines, relentlessly even, in the face of the vices that Dark Man sends to obscure and derail his path. But with a flying beemer and a uniform that could have been plucked straight out of a New York Fashion Week show, Mensa is prepped, head to toe, for the challenges ahead. See Vic Mensa shine on Complex's Super below and catch the kid on the road in October and November.

Tour Dates:

Oct 08 @ University of Kansas - Lied Center of Kansas - Lawrence, KS

Oct 25 @ United Center - Chicago, IL

Oct 31 @ Fairplex at Pomona - Pomona, CA

Nov 01 @ TOYOTA PARK - Bridgeview, IL

Nov 07 @ Across & Rooms - Dublin, Ireland