Travis McMichael
Travis McMichael
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Travis McMichael Called Ahmaud Arbery A 'Fucking N------" After Fatally Shooting Him

The violent incident was recorded by defendant William Bryan.

Trigger Warning, Brutality.

On Thursday in court, a Georgia investigator reportedly testified William Bryan overheard Travis McMichael calling Ahmad Arbery a "fucking n-------" after shooting him. He yelled this as the victim laid on the pavement after he was chased down by McMichael and his father, Gregory.

According to the New York Times, the racial slur came up during a preliminary hearing in the case including the McMichaels and William Bryan who recorded the violent incident. Richard Dial, the Georgia Bureau of Investigations assistant special agent in charge of the case said Bryan heard the use of the slur "before police arrived on the scene."

The incident took place as Arbery made his way through the McMichael's Satilla Shores neighborhood on February 23. The father and son suspected Arbery was responsible for a number of recent break-ins. Vice reports Gregory told police he wasn't sure if the young black man had stolen anything but he had a "gut feeling" he was a suspect, according to Dial. After seeing Arbery "hauling ass" down their road Gregory called out to Travis to help him follow Ahmad.

In a police report from February 23, the two men then armed themselves with guns and chased Arbery in their truck. Bryan who also lived in the neighborhood followed and filmed the incident.

The McMichaels allege they commanded Arbery to "stop" throughout, but they did not call 911 before they began chasing him, said Dial. Additionally, both the McMichaels and Bryan attempted to block Ahmad with their vehicles in attempts to change his path so they could "detain" him, Dial also added.

Travis shot Arbery three times, Gregory who was also armed with a handgun, reportedly watched the shooting while standing in the bed of the pickup truck. Dial shared today that Gregory told officers he was telling Travis not to shoot.

Gregory McMichael, who is a retired investigator in the local district attorney's office, and Travis were arrested on May 7 and charged with murder and aggravated assault. The report notes Gregory was carrying a Glynn County Police Department revolver during the incident with Ahmad.