TOPE - 'BROKEBOYSYNDROME' LP [Stream] + "Rocky" (feat. Dizz)

TOPE Follows Solid Collaborative Tracks With A Full Stream Of The BROKEBOYSYNDROME LP, Which Arrived On December 15th.

TOPE follows solid collaborations with Blu and Rob Milton with a full stream of the BROKEBOYSYNDROME LP, which arrived on December 15th chock full of joints. Hailed as his “strongest release to date“, the project features appearances from Blu and CashUs King. The project is an exploration of his personal evolution that chronicles everything from the struggles posed by an impoverished childhood to the life in the music industry and task of chasing success. Keeping the joints coming, Tope followed the release with his latest single “Rocky” featuring Dizz. Check the tracks below to stream the BROKEBOYSYNDROME LP. Purchase the project via Bandcamp. Scroll down to listen to “Rocky.” Stay tuned for more from TOPE.

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