TJ Mizell Remixes A Ride On The J Train

DJ TJ Mizell Remixes A Ride On The J Train

by karaslamb
January 15, 2014 3:56 PM


TJ Mizell proves the apple does not far from the tree in an adventurous bit of footage that finds the DJ and son of the legendary Jam Master Jay playing an impromptu set on the New York City subway. Mizell and a group of friends haul a bunch of equipment into the bowels of the city and use the platform as a launch pad for a crazy experiment powered by a car battery, the limitless spirit of adventure and a good bit of ingenuity. The crew hustle their setup onto the J train during rush hour and play their way across the Williamsburg bridge, ending the ride with a nod to Jay Z. He kills it. Check the footage below to see the full video. Keep an eye out. Hopefully there’s more where this came from.

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